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In Our Time: Melvyn Bragg gets jiggy with the Icelandic Sagas

Melvyn Bragg had done his homework. He is terrifying, yes, but he certainly knows his parchment from his paper, his saga from his settler and his author from his oral tradition. I am of course talking about BBC 4’s In Our … Continue reading

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New Manuscript Fragments at Rolduc Abbey

I’ve blogged before about the amazing palaeographical work happening over at the “Turning Over A New Leaf” project in Leiden. This week, Dr. Kwakkel and some of his students are at Rolduc Abbey hunting for medieval manuscript fragments – and … Continue reading

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Telling Medieval Stories

“I must work fast, faster than Scheherazade, if I am to end up meaning – yes, meaning – something. I admit it: above all things, I fear absurdity.” (Salman Rushdie, Midnight’s Children) It might seem somewhat incongruous to begin a … Continue reading

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The Beowulf Debate Response: Reassessing Beowulf’s Humanity

In a previous post in this series, Ryan presented a view of Beowulf as profoundly human hero, situated in a world shifting from a pagan to a christian paradigm. This is my response. I completely agree with Ryan’s characterization of … Continue reading

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The Beowulf Debate

This is probably going to be the beginning of a debate. I had another first post in mind, but it’s stalled a bit, so I’m going with this one. It will be short, but that’s OK. I just want to … Continue reading

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Misconceptions About the Middle Ages just posted about Stephen Harris and Byron L. Grigsby’s book Misconceptions About The Middle Ages. This is the first I’ve heard of it, but it looks interesting. The table of contents, from, is: Contents Introduction (by Stephen J. … Continue reading

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