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Anglo-Saxon Medicine? That’s Leeches and Bloodletting, right?

Right! Well, kind of. I get that question every time I tell someone what I research, and I love it. It gives me a basis to talk from. Much preferred to the alternatives of ‘Medieval studies? That’s…a real major?!’ or … Continue reading

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Physician Faceoff: Medieval England vs. Canada

Here’s what Edward Kealey has to say about the availability of doctors in 12th century England: ┬ámore valid [in comparison to dividing total population by total number of physicians] ratio of physicians to people can be obtained by measuring selected … Continue reading

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Misconceptions About the Middle Ages

Medievalists.net just posted about Stephen Harris and Byron L. Grigsby’s book Misconceptions About The Middle Ages. This is the first I’ve heard of it, but it looks interesting. The table of contents, from Medievalists.net, is: Contents Introduction (by Stephen J. … Continue reading

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Medicine and Speech Acts, England and Africa

Two days ago the New York Times featured an Op-Ed arguing that the solution to African infant malnutrition and mortality is a greater emphasis on breast-feeding. The article’s questionable logic aside, it mentioned in passing that: One mother near the … Continue reading

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