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Good Health & Anglo-Saxons…And A Little Lead Poisoning

So it turns out that Anglo-Saxons were actually quite healthy, comparatively. There was more infectious disease than in the Roman period, but anaemia, dental, and joint disease all decreased, and were lower than in the medieval period that followed. Stature … Continue reading

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A Semantic Pet Peeve

As Medievalists, we get the short end of the stick. Our discipline is only defined in relation to others. Indeed, the very name is a derogatory relegation to secondary importance, a placeholder between the Classical era and the Renaissance. This … Continue reading

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A Scribe and His Cat

The Reichenauer Schulheft manuscript is really interesting because of the lines you see at the bottom of the verso (on the left here) page of this spread: It’s a piece of marginalia (i.e. something written into an empty space around … Continue reading

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