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Learn Broadsword in Toronto

Medieval sword fighting has gotten the unfortunate association with LARPing (no, in fact, most medievalists do not LARP), but it was, of course, a serious martial art in the middle ages. The Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts (AEMMA) in … Continue reading

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Medicine and Speech Acts, England and Africa

Two days ago the New York Times featured an Op-Ed arguing that the solution to African infant malnutrition and mortality is a greater emphasis on breast-feeding. The article’s questionable logic aside, it mentioned in passing that: One mother near the … Continue reading

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The Truth About Celtic Runes

I saw a facebook ap recently called “Celtic Runes”. A friendly note from a frustrated medievalist: I know runes are all mysterious and such (a PSA for another day), and so are the Celts (ditto), but there is no such … Continue reading

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