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A Gloves and Manuscripts PSA

It’s something I’ve heard too often – if you’re filmed handling manuscripts, wear gloves. Otherwise, the broadcaster receives hundreds of letters from the concerned public complaining about the cavalier treatment of national treasures. So let me just put this out … Continue reading

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A Scribe and His Cat

The Reichenauer Schulheft manuscript is really interesting because of the lines you see at the bottom of the verso (on the left here) page of this spread: It’s a piece of marginalia (i.e. something written into an empty space around … Continue reading

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New Manuscript Fragments at Rolduc Abbey

I’ve blogged before about the amazing palaeographical work happening over at the “Turning Over A New Leaf” project in Leiden. This week, Dr. Kwakkel and some of his students are at Rolduc Abbey hunting for medieval manuscript fragments – and … Continue reading

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Left-Handed Monks

Did you know that, despite the sinister (pun fully intended) associations of left hands, some scribes were actually left-handed? Paleographers know this because unlike right-handed scribes, for whom writing involved pulling the pen and ink across the writing surface, writers … Continue reading

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More Digital Palaeography: DigiPal

A few posts ago I talked about Erik Kwakkel’s Turning Over a New Leaf, which uses computers to analyze manuscripts. Keeping with the same theme, I’ve recently discovered Peter Stokes’  and Stewart Brookes’ work in progress, DigiPal. Here’s what they … Continue reading

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Can You Make A Psalter Out Of Alphabet Soup?

John Gillis can. Well, almost. Gillis is the book conservator who has been in charge of restoring the Faddan More Psalter, which was found in a peat bog in Ireland in July 2006. Where the bog came in contact with … Continue reading

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Programming Paleography: Erik Kwakkel’s Turning Over A New Leaf

First off, my apologies on the long hiatus. I’ve been settling in to life on this side of the ocean, and will hopefully get back to regular posting soon. Today’s post is on what I think is one of the … Continue reading

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