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Brave – a medievalist’s take

A pedant-medievalist could have drawn up a list of anachronisms a hundred items long within the first half hour of Brave. But the only impropriety that really grated – the thrum of Hollywood cicadas in the Highland dusk – was … Continue reading

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Review: Elizabeth Boyle, ‘Closing the Book on Celtic’.

Having donned a ridiculously fluffy hood and finally graduated from Cambridge, I thought I had escaped the clutches of ASNaC (a friendly acronym for my degree in ‘Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic’) for good. Less than three weeks after strolling down … Continue reading

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A Scribe and His Cat

The Reichenauer Schulheft manuscript is really interesting because of the lines you see at the bottom of the verso (on the left here) page of this spread: It’s a piece of marginalia (i.e. something written into an empty space around … Continue reading

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Can You Make A Psalter Out Of Alphabet Soup?

John Gillis can. Well, almost. Gillis is the book conservator who has been in charge of restoring the Faddan More Psalter, which was found in a peat bog in Ireland in July 2006. Where the bog came in contact with … Continue reading

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The Truth About Celtic Runes

I saw a facebook ap recently called “Celtic Runes”. A friendly note from a frustrated medievalist: I know runes are all mysterious and such (a PSA for another day), and so are the Celts (ditto), but there is no such … Continue reading

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