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The V-Word: a ‘Valkyrie’ figurine found in Denmark

Everyone is pretty quick to jump on the bandwagon and call the awesome new find in Denmark a ‘valkyrie’. I’ll admit, this stunning little 3D figurine of a woman with some sort of dagger and shield is fantastic, and it … Continue reading

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New Manuscript Fragments at Rolduc Abbey

I’ve blogged before about the amazing palaeographical work happening over at the “Turning Over A New Leaf” project in Leiden. This week, Dr. Kwakkel and some of his students are at Rolduc Abbey hunting for medieval manuscript fragments – and … Continue reading

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Cologne, Christmas, and Crystal Balls

In early December some friends and I spent a couple days in Cologne. When we stepped out of the train station, this is the sight that greeted us: It almost made up for the fact that we passed by Aachen … Continue reading

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A Wooden Basilica in Montreal

I went to Montreal last week, and had a chance to visit the Notre Dame Basilica of Montreal, a stunningly beautiful example of Neo-Gothic architecture: Now, while Neo-Gothic is really a 19th century interpretation of gothic style rather than an … Continue reading

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The Staffordshire Hoard: FAQ

(click images for more info) Since the summer of 2009, the Anglo-Saxonist community has been abuzz over what its keepers are calling “the largest Anglo-Saxon treasure hoard ever found,” the so-called Staffordshire hoard. Comprised of over 3,500 items of gold, … Continue reading

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On Display: Lindisfarne Gospels Carpet Page

Probably one of the most appealing aspects of the Middle Ages is its aesthetic. We all love castles, horses, armour, celtic knots, the list goes on. So, in this series we’ll be posting images of artwork and material culture. I’ll … Continue reading

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